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Why yes, I DO make immersive experiences, sets & installations, thanks so much for asking!


Colorful World

Lead art direction and design for a rotating set with matching props for this hand drawn, coffee-fueled animated world.

Photography: Lisa Predko | Styling: Nicole Heraty | Talent: Tkumah Sadeek | HMU: Jamie Tannenbaum | Asst: Tom Michas & Tony Esparza


Coming Soon

Window display installation at The Whistler in Chicago, parodying new architectural proposals with a floating "Jackieland" development above the city. Invest now! 


Mock "retirement room" installation at Typeforce, an annual showcase of typographic art in Chicago. Featuring my numerous design awards, fancy books, fabulous views, and of course my vintage Eames. 

Award Photography: Kala Bradford

Trophy Room

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